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Bad Boyz Bistro is the brand new casual dining restaurant in Bedford Pennsylvania.  The newly renovated restaurant is located at 120 South Juliana Street in Downtown Bedford, the previous location of the K&M restaurant. 


Originally there was so much press about the name Bad Boyz Bistro.  However quite honestly the press is much better then the real story.  Bad Boyz Bistro was the late night idea of Bryan Speck, founder and owner of Bad Boyz Bistro.  After many successful years in the franchise world, he felt his local town of Bedford needed a place to go to have great food but at the same time have an amazing time with your friends and family.


Because of his rambunctious childhood and teenage years, He had always been known as a Bad boy.  Hence the name of his bistro - bad boyz.  In his typical fashion Bryan wanted to have some fun with the theme of the restaurant And included all the bad boyz in movies, politics and sports.  Hey there's even a menu item named after the original bad boy himself!


In April 2011 Bad Boyz Bistro was featured in the Food Networks New Hit show Outrageous Food!


Come try Bad Boyz Bistro where great food creates Amazing times!




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