Bad Boyz Bistro


Bad Boyz Bistro Challenge in Bedford, PA

Super Hot Wings and Huge Burger

Are You Bad Enough?

Challenges are only available from 2-4pm and 7-9pm.

Keeping in line with the theme of amazing times, Bad Boyz Bistro has Challenges that any customer can decide to partake in. They include SUPER hot wings or a Huge Burger. These challenges aren't for the faint at heart, but if you are Bad enough to complete the challenge, you can win the food for free, a Bad Boyz Bistro T-Shirt, and of course most importantly bragging rights that you are "bad enough!" So, do you think you are Bad enough?

Are you a true bad boy? Take our challenge to prove it!

The Terminator

Quadruple Bad Boyz Burger
40 oz Drink
2 lbs of fries in one hour

The Terminator Challenge at Bad Boyz Bistro in Bedford, PA

The Hellraiser

10 hot (Wings from Hell) wings
 with no drink allowed
in 20 minutes

The Hellraiser Challenge at Bad Boyz Bistro in Bedford, PA

Bad Boyz Challenge Wall of Fame

These Bad Boyz (and Bad Girlz) took the Challenge – and proved their worth. Congratulations to our winners.

Bad Boyz Challenge Wall of Shame

They tried. They failed. Welcome to the Bad Boyz Wall of Shame. Better luck next time.